Becker Avionics Delivers ADS-B Transponders for Super Puma Helicopters of Bundespolizei

Rheinmünster, 02.08.2019 – Avionics innovator and digital technology provider Becker Avionics has received STC approval for the Company’s BXT6513 ADS-B transponder, designed specifically for the Special Mission & Law Enforcement ADS-B retrofit market.
Heli-One/Norway developed the EASA approved ADS-B out STC on the Super Puma helicopter of Bundespolizei (German Federal Police). This solution provides police and other special mission owners a complete and customized way to equip with ADS-B out for the upcoming June 2020 mandate in Europe. The new feature of the BXT6513 transponder is “sCloaking”, a special tactical feature to fly covert missions, while keeping the maximum level of safety.

“We are pleased to announce this new milestone in our transponder product line,” said Armando Gessinger, Becker Avionics’ Director of Sales and Marketing. “It is an honor for us to support the Bundespolizei with our products to cover their special tactical needs. This new BXT6513 variant showcases how well we optimize our compact, robust, and durable transponder to the client’s requirements.”

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