Ukrainian based aviation developing and maintenance firm PCF Stork received Supplemental Type Certificate for the installation of a Becker BXT6553 transponder in a IL-76 aircraft

Kiev (Ukraine) / Rheinmünster, (Germany), 30.08.2019 – As part of the development of a long-term partnership program between PCF STORK and Becker Avionics, the BXT6553 transponder has been successfully installed in a IL-76 aircraft, a modernization project to achieve ADS-B out compliance.
An approved design organisation (DOA, Certificate No. UA.21J.0018) PCF STORK completed the design, testing and certification of the in-stallation of the Becker Avionics BXT 6553 transponder, which resulted in the publication of Supplemental Type Certificate DTL 0233.
The installation of a reliable and multi-functional BXT 6553 transponder provides replacement of TCAS air traffic control transponders of any model, expands flight geography, improves commercial aircraft operation efficiency, fulfills current and solves promising technical requirements for air traffic transponders for any aircraft.

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