Becker Avionics, a global player for over six decades

The company has been managed with a family-driven spirit under full private ownership since the very early start. And while the Becker group has remained a midsize enterprise, we were able to continuously grow to become a leading player in the aerospace industry with a global presence and a large network of regional partners and representatives.

The Becker Avionics Group holding company is incorporated in Switzerland with its head office, Becker Avionics GmbH, located at the Karlsruhe/Baden Airport, Germany, near the city of Baden Baden. The site hosts corporate management, global sales and marketing, engineering, production and customer service. Our US facility, Becker Avionics Inc., based in Miramar, Florida, serves our customers in North and South America, Australia and Japan and has local production and servicing capabilities. With our additional office in Beijing, China, we serve our customers in East Asia.

Becker Avionics Polska z.o.o, our engineering division in Wroclaw, Poland, supports our research and development activities, mainly in the field of communication and surveillance technologies. Finally, our production site Becker Electronique S.a.r.l in Beaucourt, France, manufactures our PCBs and also produces electronic modules for the medical industry.

The Becker Avionics Group additionally works in close cooperation with its partner company in Taiwan as a part of its supply chain, and aditionally with an associated company in Brazil for sales and marketing in this respective part of the world.

With footprints on three continents and regional partners across the globe, Becker offers a worldwide network to serve you better and to ensure you get the best of us, wherever you are.


Get to know Becker Avionics Inc. in Miramar, Florida, as well as Becker Avionics in Brazil in the videos below. More to follow soon…

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