Becker Avionics Announces STC Approval of the BXT6553

Innovative and avionics digital technology provider Becker Avionics has received STC approval for its BXT6553 Mode S ADS-B transponder, designed specifically for the Part 25, ADS-B retrofit market. The STC, developed by Peregrine and consisting in a pairing of the BXT6553 with the FFS 1203C SBAS/GNSS sensor, was just approved by the FAA and it is already in process for its validation by EASA.

This solution provides bizJet and other Part 25 owners a complete and cost-effective way to equip with ADS-B in-out for the upcoming January 1, 2020 mandate. The approved model list contains several aircraft types, like Challenger 601, Falcon 900, Lear 30 series & 55, Hawker 800 and Cessna 650 (Citation III).

“We are pleased to announce this new milestone of our CNS product line to a market segment which demands reliability and economy, and our BXT6553 delivers both”, says Armando Gessinger, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Further STCs are in progress and their approvals are expected soon. The upcoming STC allows the CMA-3024 as GPS source and will cover the following aircraft types: Citation 560XL, 750, GV, GV-SP, GIV-X, EMB145, Falcon 900EX, CL-604(2B16), Global 5000/6000.

Approved model list of the AML STC ST00882DE: Bombardier:  CL-600-2A12  (CL-601),  CL-600-2B16 (CL-601-3A Variant), CL-600-2B16 (CL-601-3R Variant)

Dassault: Mystere-Falcon 900 Gulfstream: G-1159, G-IV

Learjets:  31,31A,35,36,36A,55,55B,55C

Beechcraft Bae.125  Series  800A, Bae.125 Series 800B, Hawker 800, Hawker 800XP and Cessna 650.

A complete overview of all STCs can be found here: ADS-B out STCs

View full press release here.