Client Benefits

We believe that longstanding business relations are based on mutual trust and transparency


We are committed to offering to our OEM partners the premium quality and service we are renown for. Our track record of sixty years of durable and reliable products is a true safety assurance criteria for the buyer.

With easy maintainability and tailored service programs, we adapt our business practises to the needs of our customers and partners. We focus on providing customer oriented solutions and always place responsiveness and flexibility at the top of our priorities.

Our dedicated teams of service technicians and sales managers work hard every day to provide the best level of support and assistance in your every day concerns.

This is our way to keep you safe from any headache.


Becker has always placed customer satisfaction and product reliability at the top of its priorities.

We dedicate ourselves every day to providing the best possible quality and premium class service to our customers. Building durable equipment is our DNA.

Our reliability commitment is also the safety assurance for installers, repairmen and engineers. It is important for us that they feel confident in installing our equipment, knowing that they don’t have to worry about having to reopen the avionics bay of their aircraft or the systems rack of their ATC tower every other day to replace inoperative components. We win their confidence with our sixty-year track record of outstanding durability.

We have great respect for the men and women that install and maintain our products, and for the confidence they place in us. We are thankful to be a part of their world.


Becker has been a world class avionics manufacturer for more than six decades, and has always placed customer satisfaction and product durability at the top of its priorities.

We consider that our reliability is your safety assurance. We have customers that send their 35 year old radio to our repair shop for the first time in the product’s lifetime. When you choose Becker, you don’t only buy a robust product; you actually make a conscious choice to be safe for decades.

Our reliability and quality standard is also your safety assurance in flight, because failure is not an option for us. When you buy Becker, you will get a product crafted with care and dedication, no matter if intended for an Airbus H145 mission helicopter or a C-130 transport aircraft. Our visual inspection procedures at each production step, our climatic and continuous operation tests and our quality assurance system help us to make sure we don’t miss any default. We apply persistent rigor when it comes to cheking our products before shipment. Because this is our way to make sure you’re safe.

We have great respect for the men and women that choose Becker, and for the confidence they place in our products and our people. We are proud to be a part of their world.

Our Clients

Everyday, hundreds of pilots and air traffic controllers rely on our technology

We strive everyday to exceed your expectations, because the best publicity we can wish ourselves is a community of satisfied clients. Becker has earned its reputation of premium quality manufacturer after decades of hard work and dedicated support to its valued customers.