Pilatus PC-21 Trainer

Becker is reputed for its high quality avionics systems for both civil and military applications.
And because we know that the needs of our special mission customers can sometimes be very specific, we make sure that we listen to their individual requirements in order to solve their concerns and to provide them with tailored solutions that best fit their daily operations.

To train their military pilots, air forces seek aircraft platforms that can best prepare their students for their future combat missions. With constrained budgets, they are however often confronted to consent trade-offs when it comes to choosing the right training system.

Pilatus, the worldwide renown Swiss aircraft manufacturer, has a long experience in military trainers and has recently developed its next generation trainer, the Pilatus PC-21, a platform for pilots destined to fly jet fighters, without actually requiring them to fly them until much later in their training.

To achieve this, Pilatus enhanced the performances and mission systems of its single engine turboprop and recreated the typical environment of jet aircraft.

With the PC-21, trainee pilots can work in a realistic fighter cockpit and acquire the appropriate skill set needed as future jet pilots, thanks to embedded simulation and training systems, that provide:

Cross-platform cockpit emulation

Simulated radar and electronic warfare (EW)

Tactical situational display

It is with this philosophy in mind that Becker proudly contributes to the Pilatus PC-21 program.

We supply our latest BXT6500 ADS-B transponder, fully integrated in the aircraft’s customizable glass cockpit. The BXT6500 series is our latest surveillance system and it responds to the current needs of the industry.

Provided with standard ARINC 429 interfaces, it can be easily part of an integrated cockpit by interfacing with control systems of your choice (e.g. glass cockpit, control unit, dedicated integrated radio tuning unit or Flight Management System).

Chosen by air forces of 8 different countries worldwide

The PC-21 has become a proven training system and continues to expand its commercial success.
Becker is proud to be part of it.