Becker BXT6553 TCAS II ADS-B Transponder EASA Certified

Just a few days after having announced the submission of the required documents, Becker Avionics has received the EASA certification for the company’s BXT6553 Mode S transponder, designed specifically for full interoperability with existing TCAS II systems, as well as being ADS-B compliant. The Becker BXT Mode S transponder provides a cost-effective ADS-B rule-compliant alternative to traditional Mode S suppliers for regional and business aircraft applications, as well as for any aircraft with TCAS II installations, both civil and military.

We are pleased to announce this significant addition to our BXT family transponder product line,” said Forrest Colliver, Becker Avionics’ Managing Director.  “This new system is specifically in response to market demand for a cost effective Mode S ADS-B solution for regional and business aircraft.  Becker now offers ADS-B certified transponder solutions for all types of aircraft; from general aviation to commercial air transport, both fixed and rotary wing.”

“The BXT TCAS II was created to support the ADS-B upgrade retrofit market, driven by MROs focused on the needs of business and regional aircraft operators.” said Armando Gessinger, Becker Avionics Director of Sales & Marketing.

The BXT6500 family Mode S transponders are small, self-cooled, remote-mount solutions providing complete and cost-effective ADS-B Out upgrade solutions in support of the US and European 2020 ADS-B mandates entering into force during 2020. In addition, the BXT family Mode S transponders include enhanced privacy settings that can disable both ADS-B and Mode S transmissions for public safety and governmental use – a feature unique to the BXT6500 family.

View the full press release here.