Becker Avionics celebrating 65 Years of Innovation #65

Rheinmuenster, Germany, 15. November 2021.

Becker Avionics is proudly celebrating 65 years of robust products, outstanding customer support and innovative product development.

The Becker Avionics success story started in 1956 at the airport in Baden-Baden in the Southwestern part of Germany by Max-Egon Becker. His passion for aviation and his flair for revolutionary technical solutions identified the corporate culture right from the beginning, he still shapes the corporate culture today. The compact design, the extreme robustness and the energy-saving electronics characterize the devices of the Becker brand. When it was founded in Baden-Baden in 1956, the “Funkgeräteschmiede” was able to rely on the good name of its sister company Becker Autoradio, which was founded in 1949 by Max-Egon Becker. The Becker brand as a pioneer and innovative manufacturer of audio avionics has been preserved to this day.

Now, over a half of a century later, Becker Avionics has developed a reputation as an audio and avionics innovator by designing digital audio systems and advanced TCAS II transponder. By its nature aviation is truly global and the industry must think global, so the Becker Group has built a global sales and services network. This was achieved by Max-Egon Becker’s son, Roland Becker, who accelerated the expansion and internationalization of Becker Avionics by creating own subsidiaries in USA, Taiwan, France, Poland and Brazil.

This year Becker Avionics also celebrates 25 years of presence with an own subsidiary in Wroclaw, Poland. We are proud of the vast knowledge acquired by our Polish colleagues in the design of advanced digital CNS products. Becker Avionics remains a strong and reliable partner demonstrated by its commitment to innovation, quality and customer support, driving the culture as it did in the beginning.

Becker Avionics will showcase their innovative products during the European Rotors show held in Cologne, Germany, 16-18 November 2021. We also exhibit at Cribbins AAAA, Huntsville, AL, USA, from 15 to 17 November and at HAI Firefighting Safety Conference from 16-17 November in Boise, ID, USA. Becker invites all attendees to visit during the event.

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