NH90 Military Helicopter

Becker has been supplying highly advanced avionics systems for over six decades and has earned an undisputed reputation for delivering high quality and durable equipment for both civil and military applications.

Because the applications of our military and special mission customers can sometimes be very unique, we apply particular care to listen to their individual requirements in order to specifically tailor our systems to their needs and concerns and to thereby solve their operational problems. It is with these attributes that Becker contributes to the multi role military helicopter NH90.

The NH90 was developed by NHIndustries, a European partnership between Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo, and Fokker. It was designed to meet NATO’s requirement for a modern medium-sized multi-role military helicopter for both land and maritime operations. Available in a tactical troop transport (TTH) and a NATO Frigate Helicopter (NFH) version, the NH90 is a twin-engine aircraft with a full glass cockpit and fly-by-wire control system, four-axis autopilot and highly advanced mission flight aids. It is designed in a highly flexible fashion with high standard performance to cover a broad range of different mission, payload and inflight refueling requirements.

The NH90 integrated avionics and glass cockpit help the crew in controlling and interfacing with the helicopter’s communications systems, as well as flight, navigation and mission aids.

The integrated workstations with user configurable screens reduce pilot workload thanks to an optimized human machine interface. In the NH90 avionics suite, Becker supplies airborne digital intercommunication equipment for the SP-1450/N-E Intercommunications System (ICS), a part of Leonardo’s line of defense communications products.

Designed for applications onboard both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, the SP-1450/N-E ICS manages all radio-communication, radio-navigation and data link equipment and uses fiber optics connectivity. The system provides a modern digital architecture with special wiring layouts to reduce crosstalk and electromagnetic interference, in compliance with TEMPEST requirements.

The system offers different configuration options to fit into platform specific installations and Becker works in close cooperation with Leonardo Airborne & Space Systems for this program and provides the following system components:

MSU (Main Station Unit)

Allowing main crew members (pilots and mission operators) to access and control their assigned onboard audio sources (radios, navigation receivers, SONAR, ESM…)

SSU (Secondary Station Unit)

Connecting secondary crew members (gunners, loading ramp operators, ground service personnel…) with the assigned external communication channels and the intercom system.

DVO/WTG (Digital Voice Output Unit/Warning Tone Generator)

Installed in the CMU (Communication Management Unit), the system’s digital switching matrix supporting MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 buses

Specifically designed to cover
the harshest mission environments

Our military grade digital intercom equipment for the NH90 helicopter is a true demonstration of our genuine ability
to focus on our customers' needs and concerns and to support their daily operations with tailored solutions.
With over 300 aircraft delivered to a total of 13 countries and 110,000 hours flown worldwide,
the NH90 continues its commercial success and we are proud of be a part of it.