Aircraft Detection Lighting Solution for Vertiports (VPLS)

The Becker Avionics VPLS is the only transponder-based aircraft detection and notification solution that assists traffic management for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) aircraft and vertiports. The system activates when an aircraft is detected, making the VPLS an essential component to increase safety and efficiency of the vertiport.
The VPLS captures the aircraft’s unique FLT IDs and can indicate appropriate landing pads, potential dangers, or other air traffic concerns. The information from the VPLS can easily be incorporated into the overall operating system, aiding in advanced analytics.

Photo Credit/Copyright: Lilium


• Robust technology
• Small size
• Minimized installation effort
• Self-diagnosis
• Easy integration into new or existing systems
• Remote control and diagnostics via Ethernet
• Logging of detected aircrafts
• Secure configuration via web interface
• Record Flight Identification (FLT ID)
• 4G capable
• Reduce light pollution
• Saving energy


Increase safety of Vertiports with our VPLS or wind turbine parks -

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