Piaggio Supplemental Type Certificate Kit

Becker is a leader in digital avionics technology, setting the standard in customer-centric, state-of-the-art ground and airborne solutions.
Being in business since 1956, we have learned what the flight crew expects with their audio system.

The AMU6500 Digital Audio Management Unit is the next step in a long legacy of audio management and intercom systems. Building on Becker Avionics’ proven audio quality and reliability, the AMU6500 delivers unique features like the fully configurable true spatial 3D audio capability, Bluetooth connectivity, and a modern display interface, setting a new standard for intercom functionality.

The AMU6500 has an FAA and EASA STC that allows for installation in the Piaggio Aerospace P.180 aircraft. The effective models are the AVANTI II and AVANTI EVO.

Being a customer-centric company, Becker Avionics put thought into the design of the PMA approved installation kit for the STC. The STC has the maintenance technician and owner/operator in mind. The kit is delivered with all of the required parts you will need for the installation. Simply remove part of the cockpit interior, remove the existing audio panel and audio mounting bracket, install the new wiring harness into the existing connectors and then connect and mount the AMU in the instrument panel. Run the new headphone wires and mount the new stereo headphone jack, run the new power wires, and then run the audio data bus lines from one AMU to the other behind the instrument panel, new audio lines will be run from the existing Baker panel connectors to the communication radios in the nose avionics bay. From there, turn on the system and begin operational checkout procedures. The whole installation should take approximately 70 hours to complete.

Piaggio Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Kit

For more information regarding the Piaggio STC Kit for Becker Avionics' AMU6500 digital audio management unit, contact us directly.