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CP3100 Jack Panel

Intercom jack panel connecting user appliances, headsets and microphones to the audio management system onboard the aircraft, Ideally completes DVCS6100 installations.
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EB3100 External Jack Box

Easily combinable with other intercom components on the aircraft, the EB3100 external box includes an integral headset and microphone amplifier with direct volume control on the front panel and ideally completes DVCS6100 installations.
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PA3100 Public Address Amplifier

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With a robust and self-contained design, the PA3100 passenger address amplifier provides public address, call signal activation and music entertainment to the passenger cabin and ideally completes the aircraft's commnuication management system.
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IC3100 Intercom Amplifier

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Ideally completing aircraft commnunication management systems, the IC3100 amplifier is a robust self-contained unit optimized for high-noise conditions. It provides intercom connectivity between flight deck and passengers while supporting a wide range of different microphones and heasets.
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The DVCS6100 is a state-of-the-art mission proven, NVIS capable, high performance intercom system with incredible audio quality and various operational functions. The intuitive HMI facilitates reliable communication for all type of a/c and allows a safe an controlled conduct of flight.
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