Supports simultaneously 1 hand mike, 1 boom set, 1 mask mike and 1 headphone

Switch-over via toggle switch

Versions include intercom request key with integrated cabin call lamp and volume potentiometer

Available with black or grey panels

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CP3100 Jack Panel

  • Maintenance-free
  • Straight-forward design
  • Reduced size and weight
  • User-friendly, easy readable front panel

Intercom jack panel connecting user appliances, headsets and microphones to the audio management system onboard the aircraft, Ideally completes DVCS6100 installations.

The CP3100 Jack Panel is used as an interface between different units in the aircraft’s intercom system. It serves the function of an amplifier and connects microphones, headphones, audio selectors and intercom units. The CP3100 is designed as a mono-block device, secured by 4 DZUS fasteners. The front plate includes all operating elements like switches and sockets for microphones, headphones, etc.

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