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Digital Voice Communication System


The Becker Avionics DVCS6500 intercom family is a leap ahead in technology and capability which is designed for rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

The system was created by combining the customers need for cost efficiency, lightweight, reliability,
low power consumption and limited space available in modern aircraft. modular and decentralized system design has been implemented to allow a maximum flexibility and scalability. The new flexibility of the DVCS6500 allows to program the functions and the HMI to cover all the needs in the mission and aircraft configuration.

Your Benefits

  • Allows for a single operator or up to 12 operators (9 of which can be full stereo) to manage up to 12 transceivers and 21 additional audio inputs for e.g., receivers or warning tones
  • Individual volume control of each transceiver and receive only station while allowing each operator to select a voice activated intercom capability (VOX) or a push to talk (PTT) setting for internal aircraft communications.
  • Bluetooth connection to allow handheld portable radios or cell phones to be directly connected to the system
  • Cockpit voice recorder capability included
  • Audio recording with playback capability
  • Certified SelCal
  • True 3D audio system allows a full audio immersion experience to the crew that allows for a safer aircraft by increasing situational awareness and reduces crew fatigue
  • Customizable by the customer using a combination of the DVCS6500 hardware family to design the perfect system for their individual mission.
  • Windows-based customizable software allows for complete customer configuration