ADS-B Transponder


High Performance light-weight Part 25 Transponder.
Save weight, size & costs! Ideal for business jet & helicopter.

Robust, cost-effective and ADS-B compliant, the BXT6500 transponder series combines unique customer benefits, such as reduced size and weight, durable housing without ventilation slots or forced cooling, antenna diversity or single antenna configurations, digital interfaces and TCAS compatibility.

Your Benefits

  • Easy installation thanks to backshell and mounting tray
  • Easy replacement with external memory module for configuration data
  • Smooth design, no ventilation slots, no forced convection, light weight (≤ 1.6 kg)
  • Future-ready with standard interfaces (e.g. ARINC 429)
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Field Loadable Software (FLS) for quick and easy system upgrades
  • "On-wiring maintenance" thanks to USB
  • TCAS II compliant
  • Mode A/C, Mode S and ADS-B
  • successfully installed in Honeywell, Collins and CMF
  • Diversity or single antenna configuration
  • Complete equipment kit available with: transponder, backshell, mounting tray, configuration set, external memory module
  • EASA, FCC certified (ETSO-C112e, ETSO-C166B)
  • Remote Control Unit RCU6513 available
For Law enforcement, governments and agencies

Cloak Mode Function

Our BXT Transponder with Cloak Mode Option does have the capability to switch off transmission of identification data in order to  avoid being tracked by criminals, whilst ATC radar and TCAS will still be able to see the aircraft.

Watch video below and contact our Sales Team ( for details.