Transmission in accordance with DO-260 standards at 1090 MHz

Positioned inside the vehicle or on the roof

Powered via the vehicle’s power network or via the internal battery

Available with installation accessories as complete delivery sets

Suited for A-SMGCS applications and compatible with the Becker ATLASS product family


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BAV6215 ADS-B Unit for Ground Vehicles

  • Light weight and contained installation footprint
  • Various mounting options
  • Robust design for outdoor operations
  • Maintenance-free
  • Quick and easy configuration via USB interface
  • Easy identification by unique identity code

Airport ground traffic management made easy thanks to self-contained ADS-B squitter units, providing valuable position and identification information to all concerned parties. Available in stationary, semi-stationary and battery-powered mobile versions for optimal installation flexibility.

The BAV6215 unit is a compact and fully autonomous low power ADS-B transponder for airport vehicles.
The unit periodically reports the position and speed of the vehicle, thus providing valuable information for airport ground traffic management.

The BAV6215 can be easily positioned on the vehicle’s roof with magnets, or it can be permanently installed in the vehicle. Maintenance and configuration is done via USB interface.

The unit includes a GPS receiver which provides position and velocity data processed and transmitted according to DO-260B standards at 1090 MHz. This makes the vehicle visible to ground stations and to aircraft equipped with 1090 MHz ADS-B receivers. In addition to position, speed and heading data, each unit also reports its identification code, thus allowing easy recognition.