Becker Avionics Appoints Hans Joachim Venrath as New Managing Director

Becker Avionics appoints Hans Joachim Venrath as New Managing Director. “We are convinced that we have made the right choice in Mr Venrath. He reflects our future-oriented innovation strategy for the management of Becker,” says co-owner Roland Becker.

As an aerospace graduate of the renowned RWTH Aachen, Hans Joachim Venrath has over 20 years of professional experience in product and system development. He has held many leadership positions in medium to large-scale companies.

Prior to joining Becker Avionics, Mr Venrath worked for reputable aerospace companies, including Airbus, EADS, and Cassidian. He held the position as the head of the Development Department at Wittenstein motion Control GmbH, Defense, Mechatronics and Embedded Systems, as well as Development Manager of the Center of Excellence Cabin and Cockpit Systems at Diehl Aerospace GmbH.

Mr. Venrath is noted as achieving outstanding results as a consultant assigned with Siemens AG eAircraft Electric Power Train SP260, Serial-Hybrid Propulsion projects.

“It is exciting and challenging for me to develop strategies, innovations, visions and be able to implement them into new product ideas. Having management tasks added on top of that, so that all potential and resources along the value chain can be lifted, it really gets interesting. I am looking forward to continuing the Becker Avionics success story, and establishing a lively exchange with Becker Avionics partners and customers. ”

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