Bundeswehr Eurofighter MR510 Becker Avionics

Becker Avionics has been awarded the contract by the German Bundeswehr

Becker Avionics has been awarded the contract by the German Bundeswehr (Federal Armed Forces). The contract that has been signed in November 2020, comprises about 3.000 units of MR510 with accessories and test equipment and will be delivered gradually throughout the next years.

We, Becker Avionics, are proud to be trusted with the supply of our latest generation “Personal Locator Beacon” to the German Armed Forces. In the tradition of our long-lasting history and dedication, we will keep up with our legacy to exceed the expectations and to strengthen our relationship with our partners.

Detlef Haag, CEO of Becker Avionics

The MR510 is the most advanced COSPAS-SARSAT certified handheld PLB available today. It is a rugged, multipurpose survival radio and locator device designed for civil and military aircrews, naval and ground personnel. Some benefits are:

• Fully self-contained (transceiver, V/UHF/C-S antennas, with latest generation 72 channel multi-standard GNSS)
• Compact, lightweight, state-of-the-art technology
• Manual or automatic activation by lanyard or water immersion
• Life vest and ejection seat capability

Becker Avionics offers since 1970 the best in SAR technology and has delivered more than 30 000 beacons. The new generation of Becker´s MR510 PLBs offers military-grade performance, with advanced features including modern GNSS positioning technology, which makes it easier and quicker for COSPAS-SARSAT satellites to pick up distress signals and relay an accurate location to rescuers. Pinpointing the location of the person in distress will quickly help search and rescue agencies to better locate individuals and save lives.