Becker Avionics Announces Upcoming STC Approval of the AMU6500 Audio Panel

Rheinmünster, Germany / Miramar, USA, June 30th, 2020.

Internationally active/innovative Becker Avionics is about to receive Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for its AMU6500 audio panel. In the first step by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), afterwards by EASA.
It will replace the former Baker (not Becker!) audio panels in the Piaggio P180 Series aircrafts. These models include the Avanti II and Avanti Evo aircraft models. Becker’s AMU6500 modification will transform the audio system of the aircraft from a mono source of audio to a stereo source of audio. In addition to the stereo audio, the AMU6500 will allow the owners and operators of these aircraft to experience a new range of extras. The AMU6500 comes with:
• True spatial 3D audio,
• Bluetooth connectivity,
• Music input via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm jack in the cockpit and
• Increasing of the availability of transceivers and receivers from six to eight.

Becker Avionics, in conjunction with Intercontinental Jet Services Corporation (IJSC) based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will provide the STC to owners, operators, and maintenance organizations. Becker and IJSC will be accepting pre-orders of the STC package in Mid-July.
The package will include the structural components, electrical wiring harnesses, and technical data package for installation.
Rob Truglia, Business Development Manager of Becker Avionics USA, says, “The Piaggio aircraft is a perfect platform for this STC.
The partnership that we have begun with IJSC will extend the service life of the Avanti aircraft for many more years.”

View full press release here.