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RCU6513 Remote Control Unit for BXT6500 ADS-B Transponder

Remote Control Unit for our High Performance light-weight Part 25 Transponder
Robust, cost-effective and ADS-B compliant, the BXT6500 transponder series combines unique customer benefits, such as reduced size and weight, durable housing without ventilation slots or forced cooling, antenna diversity or single antenna configurations, digital interfaces and TCAS compatibility.

Your Benefits

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Easy usability because of all controls and indicators on the front panel
  • Easy Installation
  • 2¼ inch (58mm) format
  • Emergency voltage of 18 V without any degradation of performance
  • Tandem Mode
  • Monitoring function for antenna switch
  • Interfaces: ARINC 429; RS422
  • ETSO certificated