COSPAS-SARSAT certification

Designed for all airborne, land and marine applications

Multi emergency band – 121.5 MHz, 243.0 MHz and 406 MHz

Two-way VHF or UHF voice communication (programmable)

Integrated Built-In-Test features

Compliance with: Stanag 7007 P 1 PSAR, MIL-STD 810E, ED-14E (DO-160E)


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Personal Locator Beacon

MR510/2 RLS

  • Fully self-contained (transceiver, V/UHF/C-S antennas, with latest generation 72 channels GNSS
  • Compact, lightweight, state-of-the-art technology
  • Manual or automatic activation by lanyard or water immersion
  • Life vest and ejection seat capability

NOTICE: The use of RLS beacons is not authorised in all countries. Please contact us for more information. You may also visit the webpage Countries Allowing RLS Beacons (https://cospas-sarsat.int/en/beacon-ownership/rls-enabled-beacon-purchase) to learn the most recent information about regional/global support for RLS.

Becker Avionics offers since 1970 the best in SAR technology and has delivered more than 30 000

The new Becker´s MR510/2 is a Return Link Service Location Protocol (RLSLP) enabled and military-grade performance PLB with advanced features including a multi-constellation GNSS receiver (GPS/GLONASS/
GALILEO). The MR510/2 has a capability to receive a Return Link Message (RLM) provided by Galileo SAR Service.

Thanks to Galileo SAR service, the MR510/2 can receive and indicate COSPAS-SARSAT acknowledgement that your beacon has been accurately localised. The MR510/2 is the most advanced COSPAS-SARSAT certified handheld PLB available today. It is a rugged, multipurpose survival radio designed for civil and military aircrews, mariners and ground personnel.