Built-in high precision GPS

GLONASS receiver

Traffic Overlays (TCAS, ADS-B, FLARM)

Terrain and obstacle data

Camera imagery with line of sight and field of view

Iridium connectivity

Flight tracking with two-way text

Suited for law enforcement, public safety, search and rescue, and ISR users

ETSO C113 approval and DO-178 level D and DO-160 qualification

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AvioScout - Mission Moving Map System

  • Affordable multi-function mission management system
  • Cost effective Command and Control
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Field-proven reliability
  • Robust and maintenance-free hardware

Cost-efficient navigation and mission management system fitted with a user-centric moving map software and a high-speed Iridium data link capability. Ideally suited for first responders, law enforcement crews and other special mission applications.

The AvioScout Mission Moving Map is an affordable multi-function mission management system for law enforcement, public safety, search and rescue, and ISR users. The AvioScout Mission is a self-contained, rugged, panel mount system with a built-in high precision GPS/GLONASS receiver. The system integrates a variety of ATC, airport and street maps with user selectable overlays such as terrain and obstacle, camera image with line of sight and field of view, traffic (TCAS, ADS-B, FLARM), and Direction Finder bearing. The AvioScout Mission increases your situational awareness, improves safety and quickly helps you convey position and target information.
The system can provide flight tracking and two-way messaging through an internal Iridium modem. The aircraft’s position, status and route is sent to a central server that is accessed by the user’s home base to monitor aircraft progress and to send updated mission details via text and position back to the aircraft. This increases the ground operator’s situational awareness and leads to greater efficiency, less workload for the pilots, and overall cost savings.