DVCS Product Family

In September 2023, Becker Avionics has received EASA certification of the Audio Remote Unit ARU6500 together with the corresponding software package for its digital intercom system DVCS6500.

Clear communication between pilots, crew and ATC is crucial to avoid human error and potential accidents. Designed for both airplanes and helicopters, our modern digital intercom systems deliver perfect audio quality, a proven interface and outstanding scalability through a fully configurable software platform. The Becker DVCS6500 provides all communication and audio monitoring functionalities necessary for crews to perform their mission. In addition, special mission profiles as 3D audio, simulcast transmission, relay mode, guard radio, unmuted intercom and other functions are configurable in the configuration setup, and all that is assorted with modern connectivity such as Ethernet, USB and Bluetooth. The ARU 6500 specifically supports installations with limited cockpit space.