Bedarfsgesteuerte Nachtkennzeichnung

Demand-Controlled Night Marking of Wind Turbines: Dark Sky and Becker Avionics Launch Joint Transponder Solution

Neubrandenburg / Rheinmünster, March 17, 2020. With the adoption of the new administrative regulation for the marking of aviation obstacles (AVV) by the Federal Council and the Federal Cabinet in March 2020, transponder-based systems for demand-controlled nighttime identification (BNK) have become established alongside primary radar systems. The long-awaited AVV amendment now finally creates clarity and planning security for plant operators and providers of BNK solutions. These were already introduced in the EEG in 2018. The background to the demand-controlled night marking in wind turbines and other aviation obstacles is to switch off the permanent night-time lighting and only activate it when an approaching flying object is needed. This brings with it a significantly increasing acceptance of wind energy projects among citizens and local authorities and thus helps to further increase the share of renewable energies in total electricity production in Germany.
The two companies have signed an agreement to cooperate and will shortly begin the type test with the joint product, which is mandatory for all new transponder-based systems. Due to the current tight deadline for comprehensive BNK retrofitting of approximately 18,000 wind turbines in Germany, it has played a special role in product development for Dark Sky and Becker Avionics, how quickly the systems can be installed in the area. According to the EEG, there is an obligation for demand-controlled night marking to receive the market premium – also for existing systems. The deadline for retrofitting currently ends on June 30, 2021.

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