AMU6500 Business Jet

AMU6500 Features

3D Audio

Bluetooth Connectivity

Stereo Music

Improved Sound Quality, Crystal-Clear Digital Audio

Up to 12 Programmable Transceivers

Flexible Configuration Allowing Future Upgrades

Superior Panel Visibility for Day & Night Visual Clarity

Reduced Noise for Quiet Cockpit Environment

Backlight Customizable to Any Color

Product Overview

The Becker AMU6500 is a standalone audio management unit, which was designed for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. A modular and decentralized system design philosophy has been implemented to allow a maximum of flexibility during the system integration and to ensure optimum performance and reliability during in-flight operations.

The AMU6500 is the first state-of-the-art audio management unit using a display to enable various new functionalities with an enhanced usability. It is an interactive approach to modern cockpit designs offering a wide range of personal configurations.

The crystal-clear communication is a result of over 20 years of digital experience in audio management. The individually programmable soft keys and functions can be tailored to the mission and aircraft configuration. By combining the display and system architecture, the AMU increases the possibilities of intercom and multicast functions. New functionalities like 3D audio improve the situational awareness significantly. Modern connectivity like Bluetooth and USB are integrated as well.

Audio Management Unit Benefits


  • 4 Transceivers per unit (up to 12 per aircraft)
  • 4 Receive only per unit (up to 12 per aircraft)
  • 3D Audio
  • Cockpit Speaker
  • CVR
  • Bluetooth
  • Music/Sonar input (stereo)

Software Functions

  • Simulcast, Marker Mute, Vox Sensitivity Control & many more audio management functions
  • ComReplay
  • Internally Stored Voice Messages for Briefings or Alerts

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