Radio Management Unit

The Becker Radio Management Unit RMU 5000-X provides “state of the art” centralized radio   control for up to three separate functions, thus saving valuable installation space in a crowded avionic panel.


It is compact, lightweight, TSO & ETSO certified and the perfect complement to the Becker Prime Line remote controlled avionics equipment package.


The RMU 5000-X is available in two different versions:

Version 1, RMU 5000-1-XXXX, provides control for different types of VHF-COM Transceiver, VOR-ILS Receiver and Transponders (AC-Mode and S-Mode) with additional encoder based indication of the actual flight level.

Version 2, RMU 5000-2-XXXX, provides control for different types of VHF-COM Transceivers, VOR-ILS Receiver and ADF Receiver.

Both models together complete the European basic IFR equipment requirement.
The non-reflecting LC-Display is fully sunlight readable and due with its adjustable backlight it is equally readable during night operation.

The tandem control capability satisfies the requirements for trainer aircraft.
The RMU5000-X-XXXX may be housed in the standard 160 mm single compact care, or alternativ a DZUS mountable version is available for easy installation.