Augmented Reality for Search and Rescue


Search & Rescue supported by Augmented Reality. Completely Wireless.

The(S)AR glasses are using augmented reality techniques to support Search and Rescue Missions. Wirelessly connected to the (P)BD406 beacon decoder, the (S)AR glasses are showing the direction to reach a Search and Rescue target.
The (S)AR glasses enhance situational awareness in demanding situation by providing essential data received by the (P)BD406 beacon decoder.

Your Benefits

  • Completely wireless
  • Hands‑free operation
  • Data selction via eye tracking
  • Integrated self‑test
  • Situational awareness: • Environment visible without limitation • Situational facts only • Mission and user-related data selection
  • Multi‑user
  • Receive of up to 6 beacons
  • Direct navigation towards the selected position of the distress beacon