Good News for Owners of Becker Avionics Devices.
Customer Service at Becker Avionics to eliminate the lengthy duration of repair caused by initial check of the state of the repair device, making a cost estimate for the repair and then waiting for customer's approval.
Starting 1st of January 2015 there will be a pre-defined range for repair costs. This way you know in advance about the lowest and the highest price you need to pay to get your device repaired.

Repair Fix Price 2016
Repair Order

Customer Service

Becker Avionics is committed to high-quality products and guarantees comprehensive and rapid support. The highest standards of quality also apply to support and are an essential part of the company's corporate culture.

Furthermore, a comprehensive network of more than 250 Dealers and Distributors constitute the backbone of the Becker Avionics Support Organization. Regional consignment stocks are available for rapid emergency loan or exchange. Four co-operating AOG centers in Europe and the United States offer their services 24 hours around the clock.

For specific problems, please contact our multilingual support-team directly. Our competent staff will be pleased to guide you through an extensive fault finding process. They can be reached during office-hours Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Central European Time (CET).

Or take a look on our Dealer and Service page and find a Service Point in your neighborhood.


Warranty Information

Becker Avionics shall warrant all products in accordance with the product warranty statement. Becker Avionics equipment must be duly registered for warranty by submitting a properly completed online Warranty Registration form by the authorized installation agency. The Dealer shall cooperate and assist Becker Avionics in warranty administration. Warranty is void unless the product is installed by a qualified Becker Avionics Dealer.


Service Request

If you would like to request service, please send us an email or choose a Location from our Dealer and Service page.



What is Becker's warranty policy?
Please see our Warranty Policy.

Can I order directly from Becker Avionics?
Our products are currently sold through Becker dealers. You can find the dealer nearest you using the Representatives Locator feature on our website.

How do I arrange to get my Becker unit repaired in the U.S.?
In order to get your Becker unit serviced, please call our technical support department at one of the following numbers: 1-877 562 3253 or 954 450 3137. Becker Avionics will provide the customer with all the required information to correctly and safely return the product to Becker Avionics.When calling technical support, please have available the model of the unit, serial number of the unit, the return shipping address, an email address and a telephone number where you can be reached. A Customer Service representative will provide you with instructions on how the unit should be returned. The unit should be shipped to the following address: BECKER AVIONICS, INC. 10376 USA TODAY WAY, MIRAMAR, FL 33025Please note: Becker recommends that all returned items are shipped through a carrier that offers shipment tracking as well as shipping insurance. When insuring your returned item, please declare the full value of the shipment so that it is completely protected in the event that the shipment is lost or damaged. If returned items are not shipped through a carrier that offers shipment tracking and the returned items are not insured for their full value, you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the product during shipping.

What are Becker Avionics' Repair Rates?
Regular Repairs: $85 per hour + parts AOG Repairs: $115 per hour + partsNote: the hourly rate varies for specific products that need to be sent to Becker Flukfungwerk GmbH, Germany for repair.

Can you help me locate my repaired unit?
Please contact us and complete the customer support department form.

Does Becker have any authorized dealers on eBay or any other online auction site?
Becker does not have any authorized dealers that sell new products directly on online auction sites.

Should I have received a Warranty Registration card with my Becker unit?
We no longer include Warranty Registration cards with our units. Please maintain a copy of your sales receipt. This will serve as proof of warranty should the need ever arise.

What is the warranty policy on Becker units?
Every Becker product is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. For more in-depth information, please consult our online warranty page.

Which products have a Technical Standard Order (TSO) or any other certifications?
Please visit the specific product page and review its Installation & Operation Manual.

Where can I obtain an Installation & Operation manual for my product?
Installation & Operation manuals are available for download on our website. Please visit the specific product page for a list of all downloadable documents.

Where can I obtain a Maintenance & Repair manual for my product?
Maintenance and repair manuals are available on request. Please contact our Sales Department.

What is the turnaround time for a unit that has been sent in for repair?
Becker Avionics drives to maintain a turnaround time of 24 hours for Aircraft on Ground (AOG) repairs and 72 hours for standard repairs.

Where can I get pricing information on Becker products?
You can find a list price on our website, or contact your dealer.

May you advise me on payment terms?
Please contact our customer support department

How do I become a Becker Dealer?
Please contact Becker Avionics for a Becker Dealer application.

Why am I no longer on the Becker Dealer list?
Dealers are automatically removed after 24 months of inactivity.

Can you send me a Becker Certificate to show that we are a Becker Dealer?
Please fill out the Becker Dealer Applicant Form.


In our downloads section, datasheets, certifications, manuals, presentations, tech info, catalogs and applications are available.

Please click here to access the downloads section.