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Reliable, responsive, adaptable

Our broad product portfolio and our global presence make us somewhat unique on the market place, given our size and history.

We believe that this is our strength: a company small enough to stay flexible and customer focused, but big enough to meet your expectations of worldwide customer service and quick turn around times.

When you buy something for your own use, you expect it to do what it says and that it is worth the money you spent. We at Becker believe that these basics should be exceeded, because aviation requires more than just ok. Our quality control system ensures that no tolerance is left for doubts or surprises. This applies throughout our entire product line, no matter if you buy a radio for you Cessna 172 or for your fleet of Bell 429 helicopters. We make sure that the same manufacturing standards are used for all our products. That is why Becker has been able to act as a key player in the aerospace business for over six decades with a reputation for delivering equipment with outstanding reliability.

Our promise is simple: we work hard every day to keep you safe.