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Transmit power:
– ≥250 W (class 1)
– ≥150 W (class 2)

Light weight (≤ 0.8 kg)

EASA, FCC certificated (ETSO-2C112b, Level 2es)

Suited for VFR and IFR operation

Supports non-certified ADS-B Out applications


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BXP6403 MODE S Transponder

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sunlight readable display
  • Robust and maintenance-free design
  • No forced cooling
  • No ventilation slots
  • Market-leading durability
  • 5-year warranty

Authentic durability made by Becker. With simple user interfaces and front panels focussed on the pilot’s safety, the BXP640X Mode S transponders are the market’s reference when it comes to reliability. Available in panel mount or remote controlled versions for more installation flexibility.

The BXP640X Mode S transponders are a family of high-quality aircraft surveillance systems optimized by their functionalities, state-of the-art technology, compact dimensions, and low weight for many different aircraft categories in the general aviation community. Market leader for their reliability, the products follow the highest manufacturing and testing standards in the Light & Sport Aviation segment.
Available as panel-mount equipped with sunlight readable LC displays or as remote mount, the BXP640X transponders combine modern processor technology with the Becker typical reputation for reliability and quality. The front panels provide enhanced user safety with the automatic safe-lock system, avoiding improper or unwanted handling. Certified according to ETSO-2C112a, the BXP640X transponders are available as Class 1 or Class 2 variants for VFR and IFR operations up to 50,000 feet, in the following formats:

  • BXP6401: 2 ¼ format, easy installation in cockpit panels using only 4 screws.
  • BXP6402: split variant, controlled with the CU6401 control unit (2 ¼ inch panel format). The remote controlled BXP6402 can thereby be installed wherever space is available in the aircraft.
  • BXP6403: 160mm width for panel installation with the dedicated mounting.

The BXP640X series supports the SI code function, extended squitter and ADS-B Out capability. Reputed for their world class reliability and premium manufacturing quality, all BXP640X transponders are supplied with a 5-year standard warranty package.