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Linux-based system

Airborne and ground ADS-B target display

Live geographical sectorization and traffic filtering

Airspaces, fixes, waypoints and other AIP data

Numerous map backgrounds

Data recording, replay and analysis functionalities

Airspace / Runway-in-use proximity support

Programmable alerts for abnormal event management

Sensor supplied with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology

All-in-one solution packages available to cover flight tracking, airport traffic management or airline operational requirements

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ATLASS ADS-B Traffic Localization and Surveillance System

  • Cost effective flight tracking
  • Enhanced situational awareness for optimized operations
  • Compact design and flexible installation
  • No specific planning or site survey required
  • Easy installation in existing infrastructures
  • Maintenance-free sensor and scalable software
  • Fully compatible with the BAV6215 vehicle transponders

Cost-efficient situational awareness tool for airport services looking to enhance their air and ground traffic management with highly accurate real-time information. ATLASS comes pre-configured with a robust outdoor ADS-B sensor and a user workstation hosting the graphical visualization software.

Every ADS-B Out equipped aircraft and ground vehicle periodically transmits information about its identity, position, altitude, speed and status. ADS-B brings significant added value for the aviation community and paves the way for extended surveillance coverage and reduces operating costs.

ATLASS (ADS-B Traffic Localization & Surveillance System) is a state-of-the-art stand-alone ADS-B traffic monitoring system that provides a recognized air and ground situation for various applications where mission-critical data are needed, at limited costs and with reduced numbers of system components.

ATLASS detects, processes and displays 1090MHz extended squitter ADS-B messages transmitted by equipped aircraft and vehicles and presents a global situational awareness picture for flight tracking applications, surface traffic management on airports and fleet management. The powerful mapping software provides customizable data filtering and scaling. The system optionally provides information correlation with other data bases if available (e.g. weather, flight plans…). This provides immediate added value to streamline operations and increase overall efficiency.