Multimode VDR Transmitter

A new concept in ATC and VHF Data Link :

- AM, ACARS, Mode 2 capabilities – upgradable Mode 3, Mode 4
- Fully compatible with 8.33 kHz frequency channel spacing
- Local and remote control operations
- Telemonitoring and telemeasuring facilities
- Digital signal processing technology

TS 4910 has been designed for A3E (8.33 kHz – 25 kHz) communications and can be upgraded to support digital modes (software upgrades). TS 4910 has been designed for multimode operations (A3E, ACARS, Mode 2, Mode 3, etc.).

•Wide band 118-136-975 MHz
•Output power up to 50 W for AM and D8PSK
•Compliant New Mask for D8PSK
•Internal protections against over-voltage, overheat, VSWR…
•Telesupervising facilities