Remote Controlled VHF Transceiver

The BECKER RT 5202 is a new remote controlled VHF transceiver, designed to provide frequency changes in smaller steps of 8.33 kHz instead of the current 25 kHz step, thus complying with the latest provisions given in ICAO Annex10, that will in time become mandatory all over the world.

The generous 20 Watt power output of the RT 5202 makes it a genuine high performance VHF transceiver which, even so, retains the Becker characteristics of being small/light weight, rugged and reliable.

The RT 5202 is ideally suitable for remote installations and is controllable via RS 422/232 or ARINC 409 serial line interface.

The RT 5202 can also be controlled with the Becker Radio Management Unit RMU5000 which requires the standard GA cut-out 160 mm or DZUS fixation.
In this installation the operation control of the RT 5202 can be combined with a NAV, ADF and/or Transponder. This provides a more pleasing cockpit environment and is also much simpler to use.

All Becker Systems have or will have JTSO/ETSO certification for either VFR or IFR use in all types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.