VHF Single Channel Receiver

RS560, VHF-AM receiver for ATC applications

The RS560 VHF-AM receiver is designed for applications in ATC environment like control centers, airports and for Airline company operations.

The RS560 receiver operates in AM-mode in the frequency range from 118.000 MHz to 136.9917 MHz, 25 KHz and
8,33 KHz channel spacing.

Interfaces for line out (0dbm @ 600 Ohms) recording output, loudspeaker output and AGC control voltage output as well as a squelch contact are available.

Control inputs are available for remote on/off, squelch on/off and muting.
The RS560 receiver is fully synthesized, change of frequency will be made by using a PC or via the remote control interface. No other adjustment is required.

8 units of RS560 can be carried by a 19” 3HU sub-rack to replace the older BECKER RG 3910 models.