Remote Marker Receiver

The MKR3300-1 marker receiver is designed as a direct-detection receiver, converting the ILS and airway marker signals operating on a fixed frequency of 75MHz. It is designed as a standalone unit and can be connected to most current PFD/MFD displays or directly to marker-indicator lamps and HI/LO switch mounted separately in the instrument panel.

The marker receiver is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency: EASA.21O.1163 and
European Technical Standard Order: ETSO-2C35d “Radio Marker Receiving Equipment” and the
Minimum Performance Standards: EUROCAE 1/WG 7/70 “MPS for Airborne 75 MHz Marker
Beacon Receiving Equipment”, RTCA DO-143 “Airborne Radio Marker Receiving”.

The marker receiver is also qualified under the Environmental Conditions: EUROCAE ED-14D RTCA DO-160DCategories [D1Z]BABB[SU]XXXXXXZBABA[WW]M[A3E3]XXAX