Single block Mode S Transponder - Face Lift

The BXP6403 is a compact and lightweight single block Mode-S transponder. It is certified according to ETSO-2C112b and is suited for VFR and IFR operations up to 50.000 feet. It is available as Class 1 (BXP6403-1- (12)) as well as Class 2 (BXP6403-2- (12)) variant. The Mode S ICAO address and additional fixed data are stored in a separate address module, AM6400-1- (01), which is plugged on to the transponder and remains in the aircraft when the transponder is exchanged. This allows easy replacement without the need for reconfiguration. The BXP6403-1- (12) is designed for slide-in mounting (tray available) and fits into a 160.3 x 41.28 mm cut out. The use of an adapter (available as accessory) allows for retrofit in a KT 76 A tray.