Mode S transponder, 2 ¼ inch mount, white LCD display, Class 2/150W/15,000 feet

The BXP6401 is a compact and lightweight single block Mode-S transponder. It is certified according to ETSO-2C112a (Level 2 es) and is suited for VFR and IFR operations up to 50.000 feet. It is available as Class 1 (BXP6401-1- (01)) as well as Class 2 (BXP6401-2- (01)) variant. The Mode S ICAO address and additional fixed data are stored in a separate address module AM6400-1- (01), which is plugged on to the transponder and remains in the aircraft when the transponder is exchanged. This allows easy replacement without the need for reconfiguration. The BXP6401 is designed for panel mounting and fits into a 2 ¼ inch cut out. A remote controlled version is also available.