1090 MHz ADS-B Message Receiver

BAR6216-R is a 1090 MHz ADS-B Message Receiver intended for outdoor installation.

Every ADS-B Out equipped aircraft and ground vehicle periodically transmits information about its identity, position, altitude, speed and status.

The unit receives 1090 MHz ADS-B messages from properly equipped air and ground participants of air/ground traffic and generates a time-labeled report for each received message. These reports are transmitted over TCP protocol through Ethernet interface for processing by a remote system.
For synchronization of data arriving from several units, BAR6216-R includes UTC time in generated reports. The source of UTC is a built-in GPS receiver. Time labeling of message reports enables the remote processing system to coordinate data from a set of spatially distributed receivers.

The unit is built into a weatherproof metal case prepared for outdoor installations e.g. on a mast. Placing the unit near to the antenna reduces antenna cable length and attenuation and eliminates need for the antenna amplifier. To improve detection reliability and area coverage, BAR6216-R-(02) has inputs for two antennas. Usage of two antennas is a solution for installations where a single antenna can not provide sufficient coverage due to being obscured by a mast or other neighboring structures.

The unit is supplied with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology which requires only a single cable for unit supply and for data transfer.

Wide operating temperature range, low power consumption, and simple maintenance requirements let the unit operate in remote areas with minimal infrastructure. A compact design minimizes number of components required to make a functional system.